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Sep 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
including a speech this morning in orlando before flying to a michigan leadership conference. his moderate views may have heard him in florida. >>> mitt romney did not actively court florida voters for the straw poll. he campaigned in michigan today and expects to win an informal poll there. romney has strong roots in michigan where his father was a popular governor during the 1960s. >>> in his weekly address, president obama today stressed the urgency of reforming the country's education system. >> it's time to put our teachers back on the job. it's time to rebuild and modernize our schools and it's time to raise our standards, up our game and do everything it takes to prepare our children to succeed in the global economy. >> yesterday, the president announced reforms to the bush- era "no child left behind" act. that will give states more flexibility to meet high standards for teaching and learning. >>> the president is set to visit the bay area tomorrow. air force one is scheduled to touch down at moffett field just before 5 p.m. the president is expected to attend two fundraisers sunday
Sep 12, 2011 6:00pm PDT
, edison and michigan gas companies. >>> the state's high school juniors are showing improvement in math and english skills, according to statistics released by the state system today. the assessment program shows an increase of 10% from 2006, in students and who completed algebra two or higher. in english, students deemed college ready are up to 22%. that's a 7% increase from 2006. >>> colleges students converge and on the cap to today to push the governor to sign the dream act bill. >> we have the opportunity to have brown signed a piece of legislation that's not only critical to a few students in the university, it's critical to all students in the university. >>> the students delivered a stack of 11,000 postcards urging the governor to sign the measure. it would allow students who are illegal immigrants to receive state aid for college. governor brown also has to decide whether to sign a bill which calls for improved breast cancer detection in california. the bill was authored by senator joe schmid onand requires following a mammogram, patients be inferred that dense tissue can obscu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2